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Greenstock Festival 2007
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This show is a funny, engaging, highly interactive installation which looks at a very serious subject without preaching. ww It is made almost entirely from recycled materials and was commissioned by the Norfolk Independent Waste Trust ww Members of the public are invited, by the dashing Waste Warriors, to see inside the ‘Evolution Booth’ and witness the Future of Mankind.
ww Around the Booth are several head and hand holes. At a given signal, 5 people recycle themselves by putting their heads and hands into the holes. ww A small group of people are also taken inside the Booth for a 5 minute tour of future Evolutions. ww

Inside the recycled grown ups are transformed into small comical “Humanette” characters , each an evolutionary scenario connected with waste reduction illustrating how our unrelenting wastage is effecting our future!
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Jeep Man
The jeep made flesh,
the SUV of skin
and bone!

Hideous Toxo Man
The consequence of
junk food, pills
and pollution!
Consumer Man
Grotesque and
disappearing up
his own bottom!
Existential Crisp Man
Deep fried and salty,
the result of
global warming!
Radiant Green
A vision of loveliness, content and at one with her recycling, reducing and reusing practices!